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Progress pic #1!

Posted by LeviRand - August 12th, 2020

Voice Acting =  DONE 

I know I JUST did my original post kicking this journey off yesterday, but I’ve been learning a TON over the past week or so about what all is capable of being done on the iPad, so a lot of what I’ll be posting initially is just a result of me being too excited NOT to talk about it. 

Anyway, peep the voice recording “studio” I’m working with: 


*Yes, that is a clay sculpture of one of my OCs standing atop an old Wacom Cintiq that has now been FULLYreplaced by an iPad. You wanna fight about it? 

Kind of funny that I stopped animating due to not wanting to work at a desk all the time, only to get back at it and work at... a desk... Oh, the irony of needing to be in a stable position to record voice work. 

Turns out, the Yeti mic hooks right up to the 2018 iPad flawlessly if you have a USB-C adapter, and the built in Monitor that the mic is equipped with still works and registers with Garage Band. There isn’t even a delay when unplugging and plugging back in, which is amazing when you listen back to your recording and realize you hate the way you pronounced a word, and want to quickly hop back into the project to re-record a segment. 

Garage Band for iPad has it’s quirks, but overall, I was able to get exactly what I needed out of it, and then some. If you’re looking to go this route with a project, I just recommend saving often, because certain functions (mainly gain automation, on my end) cause the app to crash out of nowhere, and I couldn’t find any documentation as to why online, outside of the fact that it was not a software limitation, so I’m assuming it’s just a weird bug. 

*Quick Tip* Clip Studio Paint will only play audio in the timeline if it’s in an MP3 format, and garage band exports to MP4 (at least with the high quality audio, I haven’t tried other formats yet) so you’ll need to convert it. You can do some from an iPad by using Zamzar.com, which is an online conversion tool. You get 2 free conversion saves per day, but if you need more, you can play the system by refreshing your VPN if you have one.

Something I didn’t bring up in my first post, which might be questioned later on if anyone starts to follow this, is my iPad specs. I’m using a 3rd Generation (2018) iPad Pro, 12.9 inch, 1TB model. I got this model because it had extra memory on board, only to find out that that extra memory didn’t really mean much, since it wasn’t accessible to developers until the latest model came out, which is annoying BUT a testament to the fact that you don’t actually have to dish out the extra money for the higher end models to do stuff like this. In the end, I could have easily gotten the lowest gig model and purchased an external hard drive for much cheaper and obtained the same result. Just some food for thought. 

ANYWAY, I hope these posts serve as a good indicator of what all can be done with an iPad and a little elbow grease. I realize there’s more to it than just an iPad, and it isn’t exactly a “cheap” version of animating, but nonetheless, I DO feel like this process is WAY more accessible to WAY more people in the end, so I hope at least a few people benefit from my ramblings. Even if not, I’m fully comfortable with just ranting to the void, so expect loads more to come.